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Donna Lace wig, peruk i syntethår

Donna Lace wig, peruk i syntethår


Spotlight 101 Lace Parting Wigs Tongable

With better hair and better lace parting, the new range of Spotlight Wigs are of higher and better quality than ever.  Still with a lightweight cap, airy and cool, adjusted for a perfect fit, the new Spotlight enjoy the following benefits:

  • The hairline looks more natural and more realistic due to more delicate hand tying technique.
  • Some are with bigger lace like 4" deep + 4" wide + baby hair to give you more parting choices.
  • Some are with a more realistic hand-tied hairline + baby hair to give you a realistic parting.
  • Quick and easy to apply - look glamorous in an instant!
  • Protect your own hair when applied correctly.
  • Wear your style to the sides or all back.
  • Save money on hair styling costs - a great investment!
Längd: 74-81 cm
Vikt: 185 gram
Färger: 1, 1B, 2, 4, T6/27Q (färgen på modellens peruk på bilden är T6/27Q)

800 SEK